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Tips On Reporting A Workers Comp Claim

Sometimes a work related injury can’t be settled through communication. Often times, regarding injuries, there is a miscommunication between the employer or the employee. When this happens, you may need a lawyer to step in. If you follow these these two tips on how to report a workers’ compensation claim, you’ll have no issues but if you do come across issues you may need to notify a work comp attorney in central Iowa.

As A Worker:

As a worker in Des Moines, you are responsible to report any incident to your employee as soon as possible. Tell your supervisor immediately, even if you think it’s a minor injury. Make sure that you also seek proper first aid, visit a doctor or go to the emergency room if necessary. You’ll also want to maintain all relevant medical and payment records for possible future use.


The sooner you notify someone, the better off you will be.  A delay may negatively affect your health and may even jeopardize your potential workers compensation benefits. Unless your employer has notice or knowledge of your injury within 90 days of its occurrence, you may be denied benefits. The 90-day period begins to run when you knew or should have known that your injury was related to your work.

Des Moines Work Comp Lawyer:

At times though, proper benefits may not have been received, or you didn’t get the the correct care which may result in a poor recovery. If you feel that you have been treated poorly or fit under any of these instances then contact us at Carpenter Law Firm today!

Regardless of the injury, you are entitled to contact a work comp lawyer. A lawyer in Iowa can help you receive the right medical care and the right workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to. If your injury is serious enough and keeps you from working permanently, a lawyer can also advise you about filing for Social Security disability benefits as well.