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<h1>Carpenter Law Firm Is Your Work Injury Lawyer</h1>

Work Injury Lawyer in Des Moines, IowaWork-related injuries can be tough to overcome, but partnering with an experienced lawyer can help ease the pain of the process. Carpenter Law Firm has been in business in the Des Moines area for over 35 years, meaning we’re a name you can trust.

We’ve worked with Des Moines metro citizens who’ve been hit by falling objects or have been involved in a collision, but we’ve also worked with people who’ve been injured at work by slips and falls. Many people don’t know that can be enough to earn you workers compensation. Never disregard hearing loss due to a loud working environment, muscle strains from repetitive movement or from lifting heavy objects, or injuries acquired from walking into sharp objects such as cabinet corners.

The U.S. Department of Labor is continually requiring more and more safety mandates in working environments, but accidents still happen daily. Don’t disregard what you’ve endured. Instead, let us work with you to make things right between you and your employer.

No matter what kind of workplace injury you’ve suffered — we can help. Call us at 515.244.9907 to set up an initial consultation, free of charge. We’ll start with an in-depth discussion, either at the location of your choice or at our offices. Carpenter Law is also open to a meeting time that’s convenient for you. Our availability includes both nights and weekends. As you can see, we’re willing to go to great lengths for your success and to be the work injury attorney that you deserve.

If you’ve suffered a work injury, give Carpenter Law Firm a call. We’ll listen to your situation and make sure you understand the various options.