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Workers' Compensation

Des Moines, Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers Comp Lawyer in Des Moines, IA

If you’ve been injured while working, or have developed a work-related illness, you might be eligible for benefits. If your employer maintains workers’ comp insurance (which most do), you’re likely eligible for compensation beginning on your first day of work. The claims process is not always easy to navigate, though. Insurance companies sometimes deny claims or infringe on your rights — and that’s where a workers compensation lawyer comes in. We understand your hardships and can help you get a fair recovery for the losses you’ve suffered.

Common injuries we see are hearing loss, vision loss, back or neck injuries, broken bones, loss of a limb, finger, or toe, illnesses due to toxin exposure, and skin problems. Injuries are unique to each individual and not limited to those listed.

Similar to the injury itself, there are many possible causes of injury. In Iowa, we see injuries from motor vehicle accidents, falls, equipment malfunctions, repetitive stress, electrocutions, and toxin exposure. These causes cover a large span of industries, including construction, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and business settings.

What does a workers compensation attorney do?
We help you get the compensation you deserve by advocating for your rights and safety. Carpenter Law Firm knows the Iowa laws well and has represented hundreds of happy clients throughout the years.

A workers comp attorney can help you acquire evidence for your claim, which is important for proving how the injury or illness has affected your ability to work. Even though workers’ compensation is required by law, insurance companies still try to pay out as little as possible. It’s our job to work with them and come to a fair settlement agreement that provides compensation for medical expenses, lost income, or other miscellaneous expenses.

In some cases, a third party may be responsible for your injury — not your workplace. Third parties include people or companies who provided faulty equipment, did not provide the proper warnings, or failed to prepare the equipment properly. Compensation may be available through this third party instead of your employer. Your workers compensation lawyer can help determine if that’s the case.

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law
The law states that people injured on the job could be eligible to receive financial benefits. As long as your injury is work related and you submit your claim within 90 days of the incident or start of the illness, you are protected. You’re even eligible if your own mistake caused the injury, that is not a dealbreaker. Not sure if your injury or illness is covered? A quick meeting with a lawyer can help you determine that.

End Result
The result of your case might not only be fair compensation — it may include the adoption of new safety standards in your workplace. Injuries often put unsafe practices on display and force a change in protocol, whether that’s increased safety gear or upgrades in equipment.

Carpenter Law Firm specializes in workers compensation and personal injury and has extensive experience working with injured individuals. Instead of fighting this unfamiliar battle on your own, turn to us for guidance. The emotional strain that comes along with a workplace injury is enormous. Let us handle your financial recovery while you focus on your physical recovery. Consider scheduling a free consultation with us to discuss your situation. Our team will thoroughly examine your case and lay out all the options, allowing you to make the best decision for yourself. We are happy to meet not only during business hours, but also on nights and weekends. Give us a call at