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Disability Benefits in Iowa

Iowa Law: Disability Benefits
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Workers’ compensation laws require employers to pay an employee’s medical expenses when he or she is injured at work, but the company’s responsibilities don’t stop there. Often times, a workplace injury or illness causes an employee to miss work, in which case the employer is also required by Iowa law to compensate the employee for the wages they would have earned if they were physically able to work. These payments are called disability benefits. While companies are not required to pay an employee their full regular wages when they’re hurt and can’t work, disability benefit payments are not subject to income tax and therefore almost fully replace an employee’s usual paychecks.

Depending on your injury, disability benefits can be vital to your recovery as well as your financial health and stability. Disability compensation covers all types of workplace injuries, regardless of whether they cause temporary or permanent disability, or if they prohibit you from performing your job partially or completely. A workplace injury that reduces your ability to do your job in any way is serious, and should be treated as such. If you’re unable to work due to a workplace injury and you aren’t receiving compensation from your employer, you need to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney right away.

Attorney Pat Carpenter has decades of experience practicing workers’ compensation law in Des Moines and throughout central Iowa. His passionate hard work and wealth of knowledge has helped hundreds of Iowans get the workers’ compensation they need and deserve. All too often, employers and their insurers deny and refute workers’ compensation and disability benefit claims. Similarly, a workplace injury does not give your employer the right to fire you, demote you, or reduce your pay. If you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly by your company after an injury, then contact us immediately.

If your employer and their insurer are trying to deny you disability benefits, you need an experienced legal professional on your side. Carpenter Law Firm helps workers maintain their livelihood and dignity in the event of an accident at work. A workplace injury can take many forms – an accident at a construction site, loss of hearing from loud noises in a factory, or carpel tunnel syndrome from using a keyboard. Any adverse health conditions that affect your ability to perform your work to the best of your abilities make you a candidate for disability benefits. The time to claim your workers’ compensation payments is now. Schedule a free consultation with Pat Carpenter today.