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How To Handle A Wrongful Death Case

The death of a loved one can be a very traumatic and difficult time, especially if it’s unexpected. It also has the potential to create financially trying times for families. Funerals and other arrangements often cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the impact a potential decrease in household income can have on your life. Your house, your car(s), and your livelihood could all be at stake. Obviously, money doesn’t come first in the sudden loss of a family member, but it can have a lasting impact that can negatively affect your family’s ability to recover.

If you think that your family member’s death was wrongful in any way, it is extremely important that you have proper legal counsel. As a wrongful death attorney in Iowa for many years, Attorney Pat Carpenter is an expert in accessing liability in a number of wrongful death scenarios, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and workplace accidents. Whether you’re forced into a battle with an insurance company, a medical professional, or an employer, you shouldn’t have to represent you and your family alone in a time of grieving.

If someone is liable for the death of your loved one, you may be entitled to compensation. As a courtesy to you and your family, our team will meet with you for free to discuss your situation and help you determine the proper plan of action moving forward. We have helped countless families in Des Moines and around Iowa reconstruct their lives after such tragedies, and we want to help you. Our full effort will be given to helping your family through the legal process as painlessly and quickly as possible, allowing you to return to your regular lives.

While we know that we can’t erase the pain and suffering brought about by your loss, we do commit ourselves to preventing any further threats to your family’s well being. Don’t let your loss be more painful than it already is: call us today at 515-244-9907 (or toll-free at 800-544-9907) to discuss your situation and schedule a meeting.