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Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Iowa

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Des Moines, Iowa

So You Were In a Motorcycle Accident – Now What?

Many states – including Iowa – have taken active steps in the past few decades to urge motorists to look out for motorcyclists on the road. Many motorcycle accidents are a matter of visibility, and often the victims of motorcycle accidents don’t see it coming. If you’ve been involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle in Des Moines or the surrounding area, it is important that you understand all of the steps you need to take to ensure your physical and legal safety. Because the experience of a motorcycle crash can be overwhelming and traumatic, it’s also important that you’re prepared to deal with the situation properly as it progresses.

Safety always comes first, for you and anyone else involved in the accident. Deal with your injuries first, and then help anyone who is in immediate need of assistance. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, make sure you are checked out by a medical professional. Call the proper authorities immediately, and never leave the scene of the accident. As with any accident you are involved in, you will have to give your account of what happened, and failing to do so could have negative consequences. While you should make sure everyone involved in the accident is safe, it’s important to be looking out for your best interests as well.

Once you are free from immediate danger and authorities have arrived, you still should remain at the scene. Exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, and take multiple photos of the accident scene if possible. Try to stay calm and avoid confrontation or altercation. While you may be irritated or angry – especially if you perceive the accident to be another driver’s fault – it is important to conduct yourself appropriately and let the legal process play itself out. Don’t make any rash decisions or judgments.

No matter what the scenario, you’ll ultimately want to discuss your situation with a personal injury lawyer. Finding a good Iowa motorcycle accident lawyer is an important step in understanding all the factors that play into your accident – many of which you may not be aware. No one in the Des Moines area has more experience or expertise with motorcycle accidents than Attorney Pat Carpenter. Working for just a percentage of your settlement, it costs you nothing to sit down and discuss your motorcycle accident with Pat. Even if you don’t think you’ll need an attorney, or don’t think you are entitled to a settlement, it can’t hurt you to take 30 minutes to sit down and discuss your options.

To summate, your actions in the event of a motorcycle accident can be broken into three steps:

1. Safety first!
2. Stay at the scene of the accident.
3. Consult an experienced attorney.

To schedule a meeting with Pat Carpenter today, call 515-244-9906 or 1-800-544-9907. Learn more about Des Moines personal injury attorneys.