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How To Report A Slip & Fall At Your Workplace

Slip and Fall Attorney
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Studies show that 60% of all falls are related to a slipping or tripping incident. The likely causes of these falls could be from a foreign object on the walking surface, a design flaw in the walking surface, or a slippery surface caused by weather or a spill. When a person falls they often try to walk it off hoping that no one saw what happened. Even if they are able to get up from a slip and fall, they may have suffered a serious injury. Sometimes it’s too embarrassing to report so they keep it to themselves. They may hold back from reporting the problem because they left the scene right away due to the state of their injury.

No matter what the reason, if the injured party fails to properly document the circumstances of the fall or fails to complete an accident report in a timely manor, it may negatively impact their workers compensation claim in the future. In the instance that someone happens to trip and fall or slip and fall at work, they should follow these steps to have a properly file a workers’ comp case and collect their deserved benefits.

  1. The first thing you need to do is report the incident. Notify any available management, or staff that are at the location.
  2. Call for medical attention. You may need more proper medical attention than you think you need.
  3. Get any names of witnesses that you believe saw the fall. Make sure you grab at least their phone number, and email address.
  4. Take pictures as soon as possible. If you have your cell phone on you, take pictures of where you fell. It’s always best to have more pictures than what you think. Make sure that you get at least 5 pictures.
  5. File a written accident report. Make sure that you accurately explain how you got hurt.

As long as there is a document and the person who has fallen has taken accurate pictures, you will likely be entitled to some benefits. The photos can help prove that the store owner was either aware or unaware of the area where the person slipped. A successful case must be investigated immediately. Evidence must be preserved. Additionally, the law provides certain time limitations in which action must be taken. If the required action is not taken within that time, your case will be lost forever! The person who has fallen should not delay in speaking with Pat Carpenter after an accident, no matter how minor the accident may be.

If you have recently fallen, or have more questions regarding a fall, contact Carpenter Law Firm as soon as possible. Pat Carpenter has helped numerous people get though slip and fall, and trip and fall accidents. We are ready and willing to take on your personal injury suit to help you and your family, just as we’ve been doing for our clients in central Iowa for years.