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Finding An Employment Lawyer in Des Moines

Des Moines Employment Attorney
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If you need an employment attorney to represent your right to workers’ compensation, then contact Pat Carpenter of Carpenter Law Firm right away. For decades, Pat has been one of Des Moines’ most successful and reliable employment attorneys, specializing in the fields of workers’ compensation and personal injury law. When you’re hurt on the job and miss work, your employer is legally obligated to financially support you via medical payments and/or disability payments to replace your missed wages. Access to workers’ compensation is an integral part of Iowa employment law. If you’ve been injured because of your job and you’re not receiving workers’ compensation, you need to talk to an employment lawyer right away.

It should be simple: when an employee suffers a workplace injury, their employer pays for their medical expenses and missed wages. Unfortunately, companies and their insurers often try to avoid workers’ compensation payments whenever possible. There are a few common mistakes individuals make that allow companies to get away with this. First of all, employees need to report and document work injuries immediately. If you’re injured on the job and don’t inform anyone, how will you get the employment benefits you deserve? Filing a proper claim and completing all necessary Iowa workers’ comp forms are essential steps to receiving compensation from your employer.

There can also be some confusion as to what constitutes a work injury. If you have an accident or ailment that is in any way related to your job, it could entitle you to workers’ compensation payments. A workplace injury doesn’t have to entail a dramatic accident to qualify. Many workers’ compensation claims are related to repetitive stress injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome from typing or lower back pain from lifting heavy objects. No matter what the nature of your injury, it’s important to demonstrate that your ailment is the result of your employment. Many times, employers will try to get out of work comp payments by claiming an injury is unrelated to work. Proper documentation and examination by an independent medical professional can both work in your favor.

To ensure yourself the best chance of receiving workers’ comp benefits, you need an employment attorney in Des Moines with a specialized knowledge of Iowa workers’ compensation law. Pat Carpenter has your back, and he’ll work tirelessly to acquire the work comp payments you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.