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Workers Comp Lawyer in Ames, Iowa

We aren’t satisfied with just serving a small portion of Iowa’s population at Carpenter Law Firm. Instead, we extend our services to Iowans throughout the state, helping hard-working citizens resolve their work comp cases and giving car accident victims the proper legal representation they deserve. With our offices located just 45 minutes south of Ames, we frequently serve residents of Ames and surrounding areas such as Boone and Story City.

Ames is one of Iowa’s premiere cities, thriving as a college town and one of the state’s best places to live. We’ve served many residents in Story County, and we are excited to help you. Carpenter Law Firm is committed to helping Iowans everywhere, and we want to continue growing our relationship with the great city of Ames.

Attorney Pat Carpenter has worked as a workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer in Iowa for years, and his experience can help you get the compensation and resolution you need for your situation. Workers’ comp cases can often be emotionally difficult, confusing, and complex. If you’ve been injured at work in Ames, there are specific steps you should take to ensure your legal safety, which you can read more about on our workers’ compensation blog. When you’ve done as much as you can to protect yourself, it’s essential that you get legal council that will fully represent your rights as a worker and a citizen.

Our commitment is our client’s well-being, so we’re flexible when it comes to serving you. Pat is willing to meet when and where it is convenient for you. Not everyone is going to be able to make the short trip down from Ames, but that won’t stop us from representing your best interests. Call us today at 515-244-9907 to arrange a free consultation. A meeting with Carpenter Law Firm is the first step to getting your life back to normal, so don’t delay and contact us now.